Downstream Services

Marketing and bulk supply trading

Our supply and trading unit creates a critical link between the product suppliers and the end users. This unit manages supply, trading and the logistics for a wide range of products including Diesel, Gasoline/Petrol, Jet A1, Kerosene, Naphtha, Base Oil and Bitumen.

Our traders use their extensive experience to design strategies to optimize the value of the supply, hedge price risks and to ensure that our clients have a reliable supply of petroleum products.


Haulage and Logistics
Transporting petroleum products from the terminal to its final destination is what we do with a passion. Our trucks and network of partners enable us to provide our clients with door to door services.

Procurement services and supplies
As an experienced service provider to the oil and gas sector, we understand the constant demands and challenges our clients’ operations encounter. Our services help to ensure quality, efficiency, safety and profitability of our clients’ operations.

Our service line includes procurement and supply of equipment, machinery, instruments, spares, chemicals, safety and personal protective equipment.

We source our products from reputable manufacturers or their appointed representatives based on the best practices obtainable in the industry.


Training and consultancy
We offer technical advice to our clients in their day-to-day operations on how to eliminate or reduce risk, as well as ensure quality and a safe working system.

We also help with the following:

  • reduce operational risk
  • prevent errors
  • control your budget
  • curtail pilfering
  • develop safe operating practices
  • ensure proper handling of petroleum products at the depots and terminals
  • design procedures for operation